What can Golia360 do for you

What can Golia360 do for you


Golia360 is the cutting-edge fleet management platform, which stands out for its flexibility and the integration of tools, technologies and innovative services for a modern and comprehensive management of goods and people transportation activities.


Golia Fleet

Organize your fleet to comply with European work-rate regulations and prevent violations by continuously monitoring tachograph data and receive automatic suggestions to optimize your drivers’ activities.

Golia Geofleet

Geolocalize your vehicles. Plan and monitor road and intermodal routes with information on drivers’ driving styles,fuel consumption, freight exchange, traffic and road bans, parking, fuel stations and more.

Golia T-Box

The most advanced and high-performance device for the transportation of the future! It is our hardware solution, which allows you to track your vehicles in real time and detect their telemetry data and the data of the environment in which they move.

Golia Analogic

One or more than your vehicles still use paper discs? With Golia Analogic you can turn them into digital data and manage them.

Golia Planner

The best performing planner with a simple and intuitive interface. Plan your routes, even intermodal ones. Find parking lots among more than 46.000 surveyed throughout Europe. Locate fuel stations among more than 39.000 available and with up-to-date prices. Assess sustainability by calculating all costs and emissions to the environment. All this in just a few clicks!

Golia Caronte

Settle the exchange of information between all platforms in use in your company! Give data for management control or payroll service, expose tracking functions to customers, unify data from multiple sources into a single interface. The productivity you’ve been waiting for is here!

Time-away-from-base management

The service that allows you to automatically calculate your drivers' travel time and compensation in case of time away-from-base. Imagine how it would be, no more searching for data everywhere, transferring it directly to your payroll calculation...

Maintenance management

Avoid unnecessary expenses for sudden maintenance interventions and prolong the high quality of your vehicles’ components. Be productive and avoid surprises, with your fleet always efficient and operational!


Golia Academy

Courses and training for drivers, managers and entrepreneurs.

Golia Point
Golia Point

Network of qualified partners for transport companies.


We provide legal and labor assistance in Italy and Europe.

Our values

Golia Point Golia Point Golia Point

Our company vision is based on these three fundamental values, but there is one thing that is even closer to our heart and represents the core of everything we do: the human being.

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